Sun Oct 20 2019

  • It's amazing how a simple conversation can give clarity and validation on something you are subconsciously aware of but can't piece together. I had one of such conversations last weekend and got clarity on something. It was as if all roads in the past few years have been leading to it. I'm really pumped for the coming year.

  • Ok, my dev hiring is not going well anymore. We've been faced with a lot of nonchalance (many did not show up and Tomi had to call them to reschedule) and I've only interviewed 2 PHP devs (I need to hire 6 😞). If you write PHP (or know someone who does), live in Lagos and looking for a full time gig, please let's talk.

  • My daughter is on one week school break. Lots of baby-sitting will be involved. 😞


I made some updates to Now. You can now embed your post in a static page. There is also a RSS feed of your page. See for how.

I almost added an "Autopost to Twitter" settings only to remember Now only has read access (no write) to Twitter.

random thoughts

What happens when celebs can't do what they do anymore? When the music inspiration stops coming; when the movie roles stop. Live off savings/investment? Get a job? Start a business?

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