Sun Dec 29 2019

This is supposed to be me writing a 2019 year in review but I feel really lazy and uninspired so maybe a "now" post instead. (As uninteresting as the year in review may turn out, I think I will still write it for reference purpose).

Work closed unofficially on the 18th with an office party. I left Lagos the morning after. To Abeokuta for some days, and now Akure.

All I wanted for the holiday was to relax. I wasn't interested in any event, party or show; just wake, eat, sleep and "press laptop". Staying home–my comfort zone, would have been the best way to achieve this. But what's Christmas without spending time with the folks?

Leaving Lagos wasn't bad. The clime here is saner; I finally experienced Harmattan. People are more chilled. And just like I wanted, I have been eating, sleeping and faffing. I can bet I have gained an additional 5kg weight. Internet has been terrible though. I have been tethering my 9mobile mobile data. Coverage has been poor and speed slow. I wonder how internet people get things around here. I really miss my unlimited Fiberone internet.

I'm back in Lagos during the week. Thinking of this makes me nervous already. But then, I need to get ready for the new year. Lots to do.

How has been your holiday?

Opeyemi Obembe · @kehers

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