Sun Dec 08 2019

Testing the tweet embed feature I added to Now 😄. (Still getting a nanny for my daughter and a driver first thing next year though. More expenses? Definitely. More comfort? You bet. In related gist, got someone to help my wife manage her business' social media account. The one thing I'm owing her now is a website).

So what have I been up to? Learning generally. I have been having this random conversations with people about products and the insights have been really good. Oh, and I made some changes to Suet.


Since my last update, I have binged watched Succession. Maaad! Two other series I have been seeing are

  • Watchmen. This has been an awesome watch.
  • His Dark Materials. Well, because it's fantasy. For me though, the show hasn't been able to keep up the intensity; unlike Carnival Row.

Now playing

An oldie: Ebenezer Obey - Iba O Mesiah Oba (I should add Youtube embed. What do you think?)

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