Sat Oct 05 2019



currently working on a course project considering how people sell and buy used goods. message me if this is you!

an aside: founder anshuman vohra came by the w&m entrepreneurship center recently. thought it was really interesting his latest venture (halo sport) is joining the same platform dirty lemon uses to sell/distribute their product - namely via text message. love the idea of a text message based shopping experience.

some friends and i are working on a custom college care package delivery service. check it out at bundle →

the entrepreneurial movement at w&m is growing! join us →

Jake Wang · @jake

Jake is a senior at W&M studying Business Analytics (Data Science) with a concentration in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. In the spring of 2016, Jake transferred from Rice University where he had been studying Psychology and Computer Science.

Jake is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship because he believes people's unique perspectives help them solve common problems in a big way.

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