Fri Jun 05 2020

"A lot of good teaching starts with the idea that ignorance is not a defect of the individual: it’s the consequence of never having been properly taught"

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As today, so tomorrow.

As here, so on the other side of the world. You are a speck in time with gravity enough to hold only a brief moment in an ever-changing universe. Your name will be forgotten, and your life lost in the winds that dust the earth, but your actions may just join a ripple that extends throughout eternity. Thus, choose wisely. What will your life be?


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Jake Wang · @jake

Recovering perfectionist playing with ideas on optimizing life.

🚀 Interested in early-stage startups + entrepreneurship in VR/AR | Biotech | SaaS

Jake graduated class of '20 from William & Mary with a focus in Business Analytics Data Science & Entrepreneurship.

Jake is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship because he believes people's unique perspectives help them solve common problems in a big way.

Find Jake at or @heyjakewang on IG and Twitter